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Wellness Retreat

A social space created for you to discover practical wellness habits that you can incorporate into your life seamlessly.

Our Wellness Retreat (City Edition) is a 4-hour full experience that will guide you towards recalibrating your physical wellness, mental wellness, and emotional wellness.

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Welcome to our very first

Wellness Retreat!

Every Wellness Retreat experience is uniquely curated for you to have your eureka moments. For our first Wellness Retreat, we are partnering up with The Starhill KL, located in the heart of Bukit Bintang at its very own private Club Chinois - A special City Edition you wouldn't want to miss!

12th June 2022 (2:00PM to 6:00PM). Limited to 30 pax.

Fee: RM500 (RM 83.33 x 6 months with Shopee Pay Later)

The Full Wellness Retreat Experience

In our first WR City Edition, we will be introducing Kombucha Meditation to the full experience. Partnering with Wild Kombucha, you will get to enjoy 6 different flavors of Kombucha during our guided meditation and sound bath.

Scent is integrated to our emotional and mental wellness sessions where you will receive a full set of our 4 The Real Planner Room Spray Essential Oils variant (Productivity Booster, Stay Awake, Inhale Exhale, & Total Relaxation) to learn more about incorporating scent into your day-to-day wellness.


Imagine Yourself Having a Life Defining Moment


"How to cure burnout?" was a breakout US search, it increased at least 5,000% compared with the prior time period. According to Google Trends, there has been a 147% increase in searches for “well-being” in the past five years and a 114% increase in searches for “wellness.” 

Invest in a life defining moment with us. Take control of your wellness and take the first bold step in making a difference to your gravitas, energy levels, mindset, and purpose.

At RM500/pax, you will have access to the full experience, light lunch, 2x Wild Kombucha, a full set of 4 room spray essential oils, and a complimentary 30-min coaching call. 

The Real Planner -
A Productivity and Wellness Company

Life moves in a fast pace and we often get carried away with the busyness, that is life. Very few of us know where, when, and how to draw the boundaries in our lives.

Our Founder, Ashley created Wellness Retreat as a safe social space for people to discover a healthy and sustainable life rhythm while meeting like-minded people to do wellness with and to achieve eureka moments.

Experiencing a Wellness Retreat provides a shift in perspective and recalibrates your physical wellness, mental wellness, and emotional wellness - In each of our wellness sessions, we show you how wellness can be simple and accessible. When done right, it can be exciting and refreshing to incorporate into your compact schedule.

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