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The Wellness & card

Achieve your wellness resolutions and build a lifetime of character-building habits.

Pick a different card every week to gamify your wellness habits or do it with friends over a dinner party to kickstart adulting conversations you never thought of discussing.

TRP Boutique

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Welcome to Wellness & - Your journey to elevate wellness & growth begins here! We are thrilled that you somehow got your hands on this deck of cards. We believe that wellness can be mindfully incorporated into every aspect of our lives - Whether it is to feel happier, more relaxed, or more empowered to level up. 

If you currently feel stretched, languished, or burnt out, you are not alone. It is common to procrastinate our wellness goals when external obligations take over -We tend to procrastinate and get lazy when we are overwhelmed with to-do-lists.

We hope that our Wellness & cards can become a tool and companion for you to achieve the version of you that you can be proud of. In any moment that you feel stressed out, take a deep breath, pick a card up, keep calm, and carry on.

You’re never too late for anything. Don't wait to start living. ;)

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