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Our Sustainable Habits Masterclass equips each participant with the knowledge and tools to reverse their bad habits and relearn good ones.

What if you could create your ideal life and have the

skills to make it a reality?

You can totally do it, whether it's identifying your purpose, doing what you love, making a great influence, or simply living a purposeful, exciting, and fulfilling life.

You are the creator of your own life. You have the ability to design the best life.

Introducing: Sustainable Habits Masterclass

Learn more about our 4-week fully immersive Masterclass
to build a mindful daily routine that works for you

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • After a series of successes and achievements, you become jaded and seem to lose interest in goals.

  • You are a do-it-all go-getter who became overly ambitious, your capacity is running low and you are fast approaching a burn out.​

  • You are too obsessed about bettering yourself which becomes a hindrance to you living your best quality of life.

You are starting to realize that your current lifestyle is one you are not proud of and you may be too tired all the time to even get started, let alone change your bad habits. It is time to build a sustainable lifestyle for your physical, mental, and emotional wellness that you have always wanted.

This course is designed to equip you with the knowledge and tools to reverse your bad habits and relearn good ones.

Inside Sustainable Habits

From live teachings, breakout rooms, active discussions, to weekly assignments- you'll find purposeful life applications, tangible tools, and systems that teach you how to embrace our methodology in your habit creation. Become empowered to create sustainable habits that will last a lifetime. 

Stop procrastinating, moral licensing, and black-hole browsing.

This is your time to consciously live your life with the utmost intention and mindfulness.  

You’ll Learn How To:
  • Identify how you value energy. This reveals how you spend your energy - Investing your energy is not the same as using it.

  • Unlearn and reverse your habits. Keeping track of key activities provides deep insight for course correction.

  • Stack habits to generate enthusiasm and excitement. Make every moment serve as a discovery of your fullest potential.

  • Normalize the highest quality of state of mind. Move towards your goals in a sustainable and meaningful way.


Our weekly assignments will teach you how to embrace this methodology in your habit creation. Become empowered to create sustainable habits that will last a lifetime. 

Course Overview

Our Sustainable Habits Masterclass is divided into 4 sessions.

Your commitment will be 4 consecutive 1-hour sessions on Thursdays starting 2nd December 2021.

All sessions start at 8:00 PM (GMT +8).

 Here's what you can expect to explore each week:


Energy As A Commodity
Week 1

Learning about Energy Level Framework (Habit, Audience, Engagement, Contemplative), Energy Levers (Accelerators, Decelerators, Constant), State of Flow, Science of Sleep and Sound.

Week 2
Experiment & Data Collection


Setting up experiments to identify variables and input dimensions that affect your energy levels and how it translates into habits - Mental Energy Tracker, Mindful Journaling, and Google Sheet.

Week 3
Momentum of Daily Life


Combining strategies of Habit Stacking, Temptation Bundling, and Task Triaging with your Life Vision and End Goals into your daily routine - 3 x 3 Matrix, Decision Making Automation, and Vision Boarding.

Week 4


State of Flow Mindset

Concluding Discussion: Proactively invest in a quality life you can be proud of and one that will generate significance for years to come. Your whole life can be geared into a state of flow.


We will provide you with various tools and frameworks. Learn about the science behind your habits, energy levels, and sleep.

We empower you to learn new things about yourself that you can apply immediately to connect your daily habits to your life goals.

We encourage you to spend time and energy on yourself to unlearn old ways and reflect on building sustainable life strategies.

We build processes that last a lifetime, unlike shortcuts that only produce temporary results. Take time to process your thoughts.





Who is this for
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Seasoned Entrepreneurs and Startup Professionals

Switch off your auto-pilot life mode. Start to take control and unleash your true potential. In order to lead your team, you first need to be renewed, uplifted and inspired to lead a quality life in abundance.

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Corporate Professionals with Side Hustles

Focus on aligning mindful activities to your strengths, values, & qualities. Prioritizing your wellness is equally as important as your productivity. Learn how to invest in some downtime so you can perform at your peak consistently.

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Life-long Learner and Optimizer

Let intuition guide you towards fulfilling your life purpose.
Knowledge only gets you so far. It is time to apply both your insights and experience to your life and start working on your growth. Put your limit to the test and learn to stretch it.



This Masterclass will empower you to re-align your actions with your values. Going through this journey with others and having an accountability group empowers you to get support and be a support through these challenging changes. Transform yourself by adopting sustainable habits and start reclaiming your power to thrive!

Limited to 10 participants

2-Way Communication