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Corporate Clients

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Client Testimonial

Sarah Lian

Founder, Supparetreat

When it comes to productivity, there is so much information out there that is vague and abstract. But what I love about Ashley/The Real Planner  is that she shares with you effective tools to help you look at productivity in so many different lenses. She helps build the connection with your values, motivations, and habits. The ability to measure and quantify your productivity levels in your own way allows you to measure yourself without hiding behind any excuses. Her excitement and knowledge comes from a place of authenticity, her framework is tried and tested and she helps you discover your own unique plan. Any audience would benefit from her energetic and enigmatic delivery. My Supparetreat community was mind blown and I know you will be too!

Michelle Ann Iking

Chief People Officer, SelfDrvn

"As a working mother of 2 young children, time is a precious commodity. One of the biggest takeaways from ‘The Real Planner’ for me was the concept of managing energy rather than time. By consciously observing when I am in my Habit/Audience/Engagement/Contemplative energy states, and intentionally assigning tasks commensurate with my level of energy at a given time, I am able to optimize when I am in my high energy ‘in the zone’ stages and still tick off mundane but necessary ‘To Do’ items when in my low mental energy states. This allows me to accept, and work with, the natural ebb and flow of my hours, allowing me – for the most part – to feel like I am living the life I want for myself!"

Aida Azrin

Founder, Wild Ginger

As a productive person who plans their time,

I found this workshop very eye-opening!

My schedules always seemed too full for personal development, but The Real Planner explored different aspects of planning that made me realise how much time I actually had for myself and my hobbies.


Ashley’s positivity and passion made the workshop more lively, and she made each point easy to apply by breaking it down in an easy-to-understand manner.

If you feel overwhelmed or unfulfilled with your current day-to-day schedule, I highly recommend this workshop! I can’t wait to share it with the Wild Ginger community.


Benedict Tan

Founder, Focus Food

It's amazing how The Real Planner managed to pack so much in a 2-hour workshop. Albeit in a group setting, it felt as if I had a 1-on-1 session to lay down my typical day's schedule and really pin-point how I can better match activities to my energy levels throughout the day. It was also ultra helpful when we did a calculation of the amount of idle hours I have for the rest of the year - I have no excuse to fall short of my resolutions! Highly recommended.

Sybella Ng

Founder, ThinkInt

As a new mom and a business owner, trying to maintain a healthy level of productivity can be challenging. Then came The Real Planner / Ashley, who introduced practical tools to quantify productivity and mental energy levels in a way that is unique to your own values and habits. The modules have certainly provided me with fresh new lens in maintaining productivity without compromising my mental wellbeing. You will benefit from learning how to optimize and personalize your flow through Ashley’s patient guidance and authentic delivery.

Kim May Chee

Founder, COCOdry

It all started from a quiz on the 4 tendencies framework. From Ashley, I found out that I was a rebel 😂 Since then, I’ve learnt how to be more discipline, by offering myself options rather following a routine. 

As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve had problems in deciding what  to focus on.  What I love about ‘The Real Planner’ is the tools involved to help me prioritise the tasks on a daily basis from my businesses according to my energy level and help increase my productivity!


Thanks Ashley!