About The Real Planner

Established in Year 2016

TRP started out as a company that sold physical planners and template-inserts to entrepreneurs and professionals who strive to be more productive by tracking their performance metrics - Our goal is to empower you to be more efficient, expand your capacity to do more, and help you stay motivated. In less than 2 years, we sold over 300 copies of planners and frameworks. 

In Year 2018, TRP started providing workshops and trainings on how to improve productivity and efficiency in team settings and day-to-day lives. Our modules, frameworks, and approach have impacted over 1,000 individuals and teams to date. At TRP, we believe that in order to achieve high quality productivity, wellness is a key component in maintaining the rhythm and balance. We want our clients to be happiest when they are most productive.


Our Team of TRP Instructors

Meet our TRP Instructors from various diverse background and experiences that will take you through our Productive & Wellness classes, workshops, and consultation.

Founder, CEO

Ashley Suelyn

Ashley is a corporate entrepreneur and activist. Having obtained an Actuarial Science degree and an MBA, she started her career as an underwriter but later pivoted towards corporate strategy, business development, project management, and entrepreneurship. Currently, she is working as the Chief of Staff at SOCAR Malaysia.

Ashley received the Marie Claire Amazing Women 2018 Award for building a startup whilst climbing the corporate ladder and for her contribution in the area of women and youth empowerment. Ashley is also a TedX speaker and spin cycle instructor. She hopes to empower more people to be unapologetically ambitious and to be the best version of themselves.



TRP Instructor

Kimberly Monteiro

Kimberly is currently embarking on her new journey as a full time fitness instructor whilst juggling freelancing as a social media marketer and writer. Her fascination with helping others achieve fitness goals and improve their performance has led her to pursue a career in fitness full time. She is also a certified practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming.

Kimberly is a graduate in Law from Brickfields Asia College, University of London External Programme. Deciding that the legal path was not suited for her after graduation, she decided to explore her interest in the entertainment industry and procured a role as an associate producer at ASTRO commercial productions department where she was attached for 4 years.

Looking to expand her skillset, Kimberly then decided to pivot directions to focus on a career in digital marketing. During this time, she was also a part time fitness instructor at the Ministry of Burn. In the past, Kimberly was also an active volunteer with Lean in Malaysia. 



Head of Operations

Charis Chan

Charis is a community builder that strives to achieve a balance between being an operational and strategy expert. She was awarded the Maxis Star of What's Next award in 2018 for her contribution towards building young talents. 

Graduated with an Accounting and Finance degree, she's constantly applying what she had learned in developing FMCG micro-businesses utilizing the power of Social Media as tool. During her free time, she is also involved in various projects and organizations from start-ups, NGOs and youth organizations.

Charis is an avid productivity practitioner with a strong interest in empowering others to become more effective in managing their time and understanding their own motivations.




TRP Instructor

Shakira Kavanagh

Shakira is the Co-Founder of Boss Mama, a local maternity apparel company. Now, what started as a side hustle and passion project has become her full-time job with big aspirations.

Prior to launching Boss Mama, Shakira was the Head of Strategic Growth at WOBB, Malaysia’s leading youth career platform. Shakira spent 5 years at WOBB building the company from a small startup to the established company that it is today through innovative and impactful marketing and product development initiatives.

Shakira studied Marketing & Commercial Law at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. She also ventured into charity events in 2015, co-founding and taking on the role of Marketing Director at Alias of Peace.