Established in Year 2016

TRP started out as a company that sold physical planners and template-inserts to entrepreneurs and professionals who strive to be more productive by tracking their performance metrics - Our goal is to empower you to be more efficient, expand your capacity to do more, and help you stay motivated. In less than 2 years, we sold over 300 copies of planners and frameworks. 

In Year 2018, TRP started providing workshops and trainings on how to improve productivity and efficiency in team settings and day-to-day lives. Our modules, frameworks, and approach have impacted over 1,000 individuals and teams to date. At TRP, we believe that in order to achieve high quality productivity, wellness is a key component in maintaining the rhythm and balance. We want our clients to be happiest when they are most productive.



Ashley Suelyn

Ashley is a corporate entrepreneur and activist. Having obtained an Actuarial Science degree and an MBA, she started her career as an underwriter but later pivoted towards corporate strategy, business development, project management, and entrepreneurship. Currently, she is the Chief of Staff at SOCAR Malaysia. Ashley received the Marie Claire Amazing Women 2018 Award for successfully building a startup whilst climbing the corporate ladder and for her contribution as an activist in the area of women and youth empowerment.

She founded The Real Planner, a social innovation firm and productivity consultancy in July 2016, and currently serves as a Board of Advisor at Lean InMalaysia and President of Emerging Leaders Asia. Being a Type A go-getter and hustler, Ashley explores new things daily and aims to unleash everyone’s true potential. Apart from being aTedX speaker and self-care advocate, she is also a fitness and health enthusiast, where she recently became a spin cycle fitness instructor at Flycycle.

She hopes to empower more people to be unapologetically ambitious and to be the best version of themselves.



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