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The Real Planner is a social innovation firm that provides workshops & tools to improve the quality of life for all. Our goal is to empower you to be more efficient, expand your capacity to do more, and help you stay motivated.  To be productive we believe that it’s important to look at the big picture, while also developing a structure to support the day-to-day tasks and projects that ultimately bridge the gap between dreams and reality.


At TRP, we believe that in order to achieve high-quality productivity, wellness is a key component in maintaining rhythm and balance. We want our clients to be happiest when they are most productive.



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The Real Planner was founded.

TRP started out as a company that provided physical planners and template inserts to entrepreneurs and professionals who strived to be more productive by tracking their performance metrics.



Become a successful homegrown distributor.

We sold more than 300 planners and frameworks. We collaborated with anatomy to develop customized planners and workshops.


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Head of Creative
& Marketing

Ashley Suelyn

Elsa Lim

Ashley is a corporate entrepreneur, productivity coach, and wellness consultant. She graduated with an Actuarial Science degree and an MBA, and currently works as Chief of Staff at SOCAR Malaysia. Ashley is also known as a TEDx speaker, Global Shaper, FlyCycle instructor, and the co-founder of Purpose Skin.


As the founder of The Real Planner - Her mission is to help everyone build a quality lifestyle through everyday productivity and wellness habits.


As a go-getter and educator, she strives to empower people to be unapologetically ambitious and to be the best version of themselves in every season of their lives.


Elsa is The Head of Creative and Content Marketing of The Real Planner. She works full-time as fashion buyer in SEA sportswear industry. She is also a freelance photographer, writer, and fashion designer for a variety of different fashion labels.

She loves to share her personal story through the power of social media.


People say curiosity killed the cat, but Elsa believes it is curiosity that drives her lifelong goal to experiment with trends and concepts and share her findings with the rest of the world.

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Charis Chan

Charis is a community builder that strives to achieve a balance between being an operational and strategy expert. She was awarded the Maxis Star of What's Next award in 2018 for her contribution towards building young talents. 

Graduated with an Accounting and Finance degree, she's constantly applying what she had learned in developing FMCG micro-businesses utilizing the power of Social Media as tool. 

Charis has a strong interest in empowering others to become more effective in managing their time and understanding their own motivations.




Our workshop modules curated for corporates, startups, and our partners allow participants to
experience a shift towards a higher quality life mindset and habits.


Our classes are conducted by our instructors to restore balance to our daily lives, focusing on meditation, breathing exercise, sound baths, journaling, and mobility workouts


Our programmes are a series of modules geared towards addressing workplace culture and team dynamics including leadership, communication, and team productivity.

Coaching Sessions

Our coaching sessions are all conducted 1-1 for privacy. Each session is customizable to allow you to fully address your gaps and soundboard for new solutions



As a working mother of two young children, time is a precious commodity. By consciously observing when I am in my Habit/Audience/Engagement/Contemplative energy states, I am able to optimize my time. This allows me to accept, and work with, the natural ebb and flow of my hours.

Michelle Ann Iking

Chief People Officer, Sime Darby

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