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The Real Planner is a productivity and wellness company founded by Ashley Suelyn in 2016 with the mission to inspire people to lead a quality lifestyle. We help individuals and organizations improve well-being, performance, and mental resilience with our foolproof frameworks and behavior change tools. Our concrete approach to improving health and productivity – have been adopted by individuals and employees from start-up business to executives at multinational companies.

A tailored experience for every clients

 Get motivated, build confidence, and boost inspiration and personal growth with TRP's programmes. Curated workshops to cultivate success, skill, and self-growth. Featuring innovative frameworks, worksheets, and effective self-development tools that teach you how to achieve your goals.

Sustainable Habits Masterclass

Lead your best daily routine. Move from awareness to action, starting now.


Workplace Programme

A holistic approach to increasing your people's well-being and resilience



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A curated playlist that help you focus, unlock your imagination, inspire self-expression, and open you up to new and more innovative ideas


Morning Stroll

Mid-afternoon pick me ups

Nighttime Sound Bath for sleep & relaxation

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Rocky Coast

TRP Productivity & Wellness Club

Adding more moments of calm, relaxation, and joy to your workdays with TRP productivity & wellness club.  Find a wide range of resources and small bursts of inspiration to help you recharge and stay focused with the subtle power of pause and positive thinking. 

TRP Journal

Your Guide to a quality lifestyle