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The Real Planner is a productivity and wellness company founded in 2016. We have helped over 1,000+ individuals and organizations improve well-being, performance, and mental resilience. 

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Private Workshop

Level up your productivity, habits, leadership, discipline, and your overall approach to life!

Our goal is to redefine productivity in this hustle culture. At TRP, to be productive we believe that it’s important to look at a bigger picture, while also developing a structure to support the day-to-day tasks and projects that ultimately bridge the gap between dreams and reality.

Our Founding Instructor

"People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures."



Ashley is a corporate entrepreneur and activist. Having obtained an Actuarial Science degree and an MBA, she started her career as an underwriter but later pivoted towards corporate strategy, business development, project management, and entrepreneurship.


Ashley received the Marie Claire Amazing Women 2018 Award for building her startup whilst climbing the corporate ladder and for her contribution as an activist in the area of women and youth empowerment. She is the Founder of The Real Planner, a social innovation firm, training company, and consultancy in July 2016, and currently serves as a Board of Advisor in several non-profit organizations.


Apart from being a TedX speaker and motivational speaker, she is a productivity coach, sound healer, spin cycle instructor, and yoga instructor. She hopes to empower more people to lead a quality lifestyle and be the best version of themselves.

Meet Ashley


Your Accountability Partner on Your Journey to a Better You

To get started on your journey, explore our Private Workshops, Workplace Programme, and upcoming Wellness Retreats.

We are all in need of a recalibration. Our well-being is our most valuable asset and the best investment we can make.

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About Wellness & Card

Achieve your wellness resolutions and build a lifetime of character-building habits with our best-selling featured product - the Wellness & Card. 

Want to improve your health but aren't sure where to begin?

Constantly looking for a way to kickstart your wellness routine?

We created Wellness Cards to create simple systems for success & slow productivity. Use them to help you gain insights and clarity into life.  

A tailored experience for every clients' needs

Get motivated, build confidence, and boost inspiration with TRP's programmes for yourself and your team.

We offer curated workshops for professional development and personal development - Featuring innovative frameworks, worksheets, and effective tools that guide you  and your team towards achieving your goals.

Sustainable Habits Masterclass

Lead your best daily routine.

Move from awareness to action and create a sustainable lifestyle.


Workplace Programme

A holistic approach to increasing your team and employee's overall well-being and resilience.


Your solution to better work culture

and workforce performance 


Make time to recalibrate your mindset to inspire yourself for overall well-being and everyday success.

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Your Guide to a quality lifestyle.

Let's create your ideal life. You deserve it.

TRP Journal


Morning Stroll

Mid-afternoon pick me ups


sleep & relaxation

Spotify Playlist

Wide selections of music to listen anywhere, anytime


Everything You Need to Know About Productivity.

Only the good stuff, We Promise.

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