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The Real Planner is a productivity and wellness company founded by Ashley Suelyn in 2016. We help individuals and organizations improve well-being, performance, and mental resilience. Our concrete approach to improving health and productivity – have been adopted by start-up business to multinational companies.

Wellness & KLoé Hotel


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Elevate your wellness and growth with Wellness & Kloe to level up your productivity, habits, leadership, discipline, and your overall approach to life!


Custom Packages that align with your unique vision and goals.

Meet our Founding Instructor, Ashley Suelyn, who will be your accountability partner during your personalized couching call.

Ashley has 7 years of experience in building growth mindset for increasing productivity and 3 years of experience in energy hacks for building a wellness lifestyle.

She looks forward to building a community of wellness and goal driven people that can lean on each other to grow - Meeting of the minds with the same wave length that can lead to eureka moments.

Meet Ashley


Available Topics for Coaching

To get started on your journey set up a time to chat with us about how Coaching can take your forward on your journey.



  1. Creating sustainable growth mindset (RM 200/45-mins)

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  1. Overcoming burnout (RM 150/45-mins)

  2. Establishing a wellness-centric lifestyle (RM150/45-mins)

  3. Building healthy habits consistently (RM 150/45-mins)

  4. Becoming a yoga instructor (RM 50/45-mins)

  5. 1-1 Meditation and breath work session (RM 100/45-mins)

  6. 1-1 Yoga session (RM 100/45-mins)

  7. 1-1 Open Wellness Q&A session (RM 150/45-mins)



  1. Improving time management (RM 250/45-mins)

  2. Creating sustainability in everyday schedule (RM 150/45-mins)

  3. Sharpening skills to manipulate energy (RM 350/45-mins)

  4. Managing expectations and people (RM 150/45-mins)

  5. 1-1 Q&A about MBA (RM 50/45-mins)

  6. 1-1 Q&A about negotiation (RM 50/45-mins)

  7. 1-1 Q&A about career progression (RM 50/45-mins)