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The Real Planner is a productivity and wellness company founded by Ashley Suelyn in 2016 with the mission to inspire people to lead a quality lifestyle. We help individuals and organizations improve well-being, performance, and mental resilience with our foolproof frameworks and behavior change tools. Our concrete approach to improving health and productivity – have been adopted by individuals and employees from start-up business to executives at multinational companies.

Wellness Retreat


The Real Planner in collaboration with Starhill KL & Wild Kombucha

Life moves at a fast pace especially when we are constantly surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city - We often get carried away with the busyness, that is life. Work, sleep, eat, repeat… sounds familiar? As a working professional or entrepreneur, the demands of stakeholders often precedes our own well-being, very few of us know where, when, and how to draw the boundaries in our lives.

Wellness Retreat is created as a safe space for you to find a healthy and sustainable life rhythm for your well-being. In conjunction with Global Wellness Day, let's put back wellness as a priority in our lives. In our sessions, we equip you with practical wellness toolkits that you can fit into your busy and demanding schedule. Be ready to have your life back on track and do life in a meaningful purposeful way.


A tailored experience for every clients' needs

 Get motivated, build confidence, and boost inspiration with TRP's programmes.


We offer curated workshops for professional development and personal development - Featuring innovative frameworks, worksheets, and effective tools that guide you  and your team towards achieving your goals.

Sustainable Habits Masterclass

Lead your best daily routine. Move from awareness to action and create a sustainable lifestyle.


Workplace Programme

A holistic approach to increasing your team and employee's overall well-being and resilience.


TRP Journal

Your Guide to a quality lifestyle


Everything You Need to Know About Productivity. Only the good stuff, We Promise.

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